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We provide construction services for road, houses and bridge construction. Our work area includes all of Edo state and Nigeria in totality. We have an integrated team of highly qualified, experienced professionals who will provide you with the highest level of service in a timely and friendly manner
As one of the leading contractors in the industry, we offer our clients a full range of services when it comes to building and construction, including MEP and civil engineering.



To render excellent civil engineering service by delivering cost effective and superior services that satisfies the needs of our clients.


To build a reputable excellence in the civil engineering industry through the delivery of world class services that adds value to clients.
sabtrakk projects limited is currently recognized as an effective and efficient company in the Nigeria construction industry today.
Sabtrakk project limited has a good relationship partnership with major European engineering and construction companies and equipment manufacturers with business interest in Africa. We boast of our competence as demonstrated in her dedicated workforce of professionalism all the various relevant fields in the construction engineering and service delivery sector.



1. Empowerment of staff as a reflection of the importance we place on our people.
2. Treatment of people, business associates, suppliers etc with fairness and equality.
3. Act as a socially responsible organization paying particular attention to health and safety issues.
4. Impact the community served and ensure we track our impact on the environment.
5. Generate real value for our clients and render superior returns to shareholders.

Sabtrakk projects limited is a full service consulting and contracting firm, with a vision to be counted amongst the leading engineering consulting firms in Africa. Our company is been meticulously managed by a team of professional, its present growth level of 1billion,the asset base on the company has also expanded for 0.5million at its inception.


Who We Are

We are registered under the federal republic of Nigeria to offer civil engineering services to client in Nigeria. The company was founded by a team of business professional and expert engineers to leverage on the perceived potential in the industry. Through hard work and commitment from our management team, highly skilled and focused group of experience engineers, we have built a valuable brand name, established ourselves as a leading company in civil engineering and building construction and design. With successful projects completed for major clients in Nigeria and great client retention rate, the company has expanded rapidly. Our commitment to innovation continuously gives us the edge over our competitors. We adopt a flat organizational structure which facilitates communication and knowledge sharing among our staff. The business referrals we get from our clients have helped our company to expand rapidly and extend our portfolio of services to include an increasing range of technical expertise.

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Through our knowledge, relevant experience and quality of staff, we have been able to deliver value to companies and government in Nigeria. A significant driver of our growth and competence in our service area is our values, passion and commitment to continuously innovate to ensure we adopt better ways to service clients every time. The long standing patronage, repeat business and loyalty we enjoy from our clients have been built overtime due to our consistent delivery of superior results. Below is a highlight of our core service area

Sabtrakk provides leading civil engineering services to meet the strategic needs of both the private and the public sector. We effectively manage large scale projects for clients with core focus on civil construction works and road construction. Our technical and project management expertise enable us to undertake the most challenging of construction projects in any location in Nigeria.

Our experienced engineers are certified project managers who have tremendous depth of knowledge and experience in managing road construction, building construction and location preparation projects for major companies in Nigeria.

Sabtrakk has provided services in different communities and we are specialist in TOTAL COST EFFICIENCY. We apply the principle of value engineering and are constantly seeking ways to achieve the highest level of quality and value. We manage projects to improve efficiency, avoid wastage and reduce risk. We employs the right team members and develop models that outline clear processes that enables the successfully delivering of projects.

1. Road construction, repairs and maintenance
2. Bridges and culverts and drainage
3. Building of housing estate for government and non government agencies
4. Work in partnership with private, corporate, government and non government agencies on build, operate and transfer basis.
5. Hospital, markets, schools, recreational and amusement parks
6.Water engineering

  • Bore hole drilling
  • Pipe laying, overhead tanks construction
  • Water treatment plant installation
  • Drainage


Sabtrakk is wholly owned by reputable Nigerians who have vast and invaluable experience in key industries in and out of Nigeria. Our company's organizational structure forms the foundation upon which planning, operational policies and strategy are formulated and implemented. Our core competence is built on our ability to remain innovative in solving clients problem and as such, we adopt a structure that shapes our corporate culture to facilitate staff development, knowledge sharing and transfer to boost our capability to innovate and deliver quality services to our clients. Our company's organizational structure forms the foundation upon which operational policies and strategy are formulated and implemented. Our core competence is built on our ability to remain innovative in solving client's problem and as such, we adopt a structure that shapes our corporate culture to facilitate staff development, knowledge sharing and innovation throughout the organization

At Sabtrakk, we are not just concerned about delivering projects to client but also about the client experience through out the execution of the project/
Excellent project management is essential for the success of any project work, We utilizes up to date project management techniques to ensure a successful commencement of a project up to the point of project closure and commissioning. In managing project Sabtrakk focuses on the following key areas:

It is crucial to the success of any project to employ the right personnel and ascertain the required tool for the project. To achieve success we source for the right people and ensure that we match the right people with the right jobs.

Project must be divided into phases to ensure that the various projects and components are effectively coordinated and tracked allowing adequate monitoring.

For a project to be successful it must not only be delivered to the right specification but it must be delivered on time. Once project managers provide an effective schedule programme to ensure that each phase of the project is delivered on time without compromising quality.

One of our key objectives is to manage our client’s funds judiciously to avoid budget overrun and project failure. We identify needed resources and maintain budget accuracy, accountancy and control.

Risk is potential element that can derail a project and as such must be identified and managed. Our project managers are well trained on risk management and the company has a risk assessment and management model which guides every employee risk management decisions to mitigate the potential of risk.

Knowledge is vital for the continued growth of a company’s internal competence. At Sabtrakk, we are concerned about how we identify, capture and use knowledge to our benefits and that of our clients.

We have a quality manual that all employees of Sabtrakk must comply with, to ensure functional requirements and standards are met. Our quality management plan does not end at the point of products delivery but extends to offer support services.


Sabtrakk project limited is fully committed to safety and the management realizes that it is a responsibility to povide safe working environment for every staff contractors, suppliers and customers.
We monitor our activities and ensure we reduce impact on the environment to the barest minimum. We recognize that our most valuable resource is the people who work for us and that accidents are preventable and must be avoided at all cost.
1. Develop and implement an adequate HSE Programs throughout our organization and ensure compliance by every staff.
2. Make all reasonable efforts to understand and comply with government regulations pertaining to Health, Safety and Environment issues.
3. Make our workplace free of hazards and reduce risk as low as reasonably practicable.
4. Minimize the impact of our operations on the environment
5. Build a safety culture and provide necessary incentives for all employees to promote the safety culture.
6. Provide safety equipment, adequate tools, training and necessary protective equipment for our staff.
7. Maintain and deploy competent and professional staff to perform our services.
8. Show management commitment and accountability for implementing this policy and ensure it is followed right to the lower end of the company.
9. Every supervisor must be accountable for ensuring that the employees, equipment and facilities within their area of responsibility are in compliance with this policy.
10. All employees must be responsible for maintaining safe work areas and follow outlined safety procedures when carrying out work activities.
11. We must listen to our employees and ensure they have a sound work and family balanced life.


Our staff strength is our primary asset and premium stock


Sabtrakk and its stakeholders continually explore areas in which to expand in terms of community affairs.
Policy and management and we work towards sustainability in all areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
We are committed to meeting and complying with high standard as stipulated by law, and business ethics in project execution.
1. we promote respect of humans right custom and traditions of the indigenes of the community
2. we ensure that we do not violate laws or breach contracts with host community.
3. Our project create a positive influence on host community in which we operates and thereby avert tension.
4. we respect the health of the host community and prevent the occurrence of health hazards, we eliminate and control waste disposal, pollution etc.
5. Adequate measures are adopted to avoid confrontation with host communities.


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